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Thread: diotto woodland boots

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    diotto woodland boots

    saw these boots at swillington shooting and they look the buisness
    my old mouflons are about ready to be consigned to be work boots but theyve been good and ive had my money out of them
    just wonderd if anyone has had any experience with these boots ??
    xmas wishes

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    great boots ,got a pair myself ,as have most of the grouse keepers and beaters on the moors our way,if i remember rightly they are the same as blackislanders.regards arron,ps they appear to be a half size bigger than norm ie get a 9and a half if you take 10

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    I've just ordered a pair on recommendation from stalking pals. They rate them very highly

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    In July this year I visited Swillington for a pair of boots. I went for the Auchleeks rather than the woodland as I didn't like the finnish on the Woodland and felt it looked horrid.

    I have worn the Auchleeks in some really wet weather and so far they have been great, they are very light weight and as comfy as wearing my slippers. The only thing I will say is due to the textured finnish of the outside they are a pain to clean and re treat.

    Swillington also sell some deerhunter socks that are black with white writing on them which I used when trying on the boots (forgot to take proper socks with me), they were so good I've been back since for another 2 pairs


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    I have a pair and there excellent also have pics aucleeks that are 2 years old that have done a lot of work and they have no leaks very comfy and come up like new when washed off . Thumbs up

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    Auchleeks for me ...leather usually gets cut up and scratched going through brambles but the no scratch coating on the auchleeks is great and still looks as new after two years ...nice and warm and very comfortable

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