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Thread: european reloading components

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    european reloading components

    this one is for the trade members of the sd .why do we see so few reloading components from europe ie bullets and primers someone must be making them in europe ?. with the reliance on components from the usa for our reloading needs that cannot be a good thing . anyone know?

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    Obviousely Lapua/VV make componenets , as well as Norma and to a lesser degree Wolfe from what I've read . But those are the only ones I've ever heard of .

    Is this pretty much correct or are there others I've not heard of ?

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    How about- RWS, Sako, Norma, Prvi Partizan, Hirtenberger, Fiocchi, Sellier & Bellot, Nobel Sports (Vectan), Sauvestre. There are more but can't think of them off the top of my head.

    There are many powder manufactures that while made in Europe the packaging suggests that it is made in the U.S. Accurate Arms being one and Ramshot being another. The main problem is that the two big distributors (Edgar Brothers and GMK) have got probably 90% of the market sewn up and some of the others such as Ruag are not much interested in the reloading market.
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