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Thread: Honda TRX 500 FM

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    Honda TRX 500 FM

    I own a Honda TRX 500 FM 07 that as been stored for 6 months or so and won't start. It seems to have a fuel problem so my offer is this, one days accompanied stalking for fallow, roe and muntjac to anybody that gets it working NO MESSERS, ONLY PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND THE BIKE PLEASE. The stalk can be used as an ICR for anybody doing there L2. The bike is located at OX3 area. Anyone interested in the offer, feel free to contact me by pm.

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    Hi K&A may be a simple fix if it has a carb the petrol will have evaporate leving the float stuck .Tap the carb with sumething (handle of screwdriver)to release the float be gentle with it ok .

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    I have the same bike and I recommend the same action and refuel with fresh fuel ,the Honda is such a good starter normally the only time I have probs is when I virtually tip it over to clean the underneath .
    good luck

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    Thanks for the tips, I have tried tapping the carb, the bike will start If I put petrol directly into the engine and replace the spark plug, but I cannot find the reason for no fuel. I have removed the screw on the bottom of the carb to drain the fuel but none came out as per Honda's instructions.

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    I could be as big-dog says, or condensation from the tank could be trapped in the carb. Try this, turn fuel off. remove right hand side panel(where the pull start is) turn the flat headed screw half a turn and the fuel should start bleeding out. Re-tighten the screw and turn on the fuel. Try starting. Good luck

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    hi K&A the float valve will almost certainly be stuck, what has happened is that the float valve will be stuck in the up position,so shutting off the fuel supply, the fuel has then evaporated. if you turn the fuel off ,the really vigorously shake the bike it can sometimes loosen the valve off enough to free it off. you can always pump on the black primer knob on the carb which will purge fresh fuel through and should get it to start,if you were nearer i would take you up on the offer like a shot. regards keith.
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    I have just serviced a TRX420. Have you check the fuel canister in front of the engine. It looks like a canister and has fuel lines and an electrical connection going into it. Also do you hear the fuel pump clicking away? If you can't check your fuses (under the seat).
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    Many thanks to all that replied. I will tat with it over the holiday in the meantime the offer stands

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    the 500 dosen't have a fuel filter on like the 420 does,not until you get to the latest 2013 model then they are an almost identical bike apart from engine size, the fuel filter on the 420 catches out a lot of people until they start to complain about poor running and pickup,they tend to be the people who had a service done every time hell froze over lol
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    Keith could I contact you on a pm if I am struggling to get it to run

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