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    roof mounted lamp

    A friend wants to put a lamp on his old Discovery. Any recommendations ? Websites were to buy them, as this a very rare product in Belgium. We want a lamp wich stays on the car permanently with a hole through the roof, weather proof and a handle inside for quick use

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    i use a lightforce 170 its not permanent but screws onto the handle and works well. there is a permanent version but i havn't used it myself

    Buy Lightforce Remote Mounted Spot Lights - shop at suppliers Scott Country

    it fits onto this handle

    Buy Lightforce Remote Control Handles for Spotlights - shop at suppliers Scott Country

    the beam and ergonomics of the lightforce is very good. the wireing is not very durable i have rewired mine and also replaced the switch on the handle.

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    I'd agree with Pete and go for the Lightforce T-bar remote handle and a Lightforce 170 with a 100w vertical filament bulb from Deben - it is by far the best product of this kind and I have had one fitted to my last four shooting trucks. Use a 52mm holecutter from Screwfix to cut the hole and, depending on the thickness of your vehicle's headlining, you may need longer bolts than come with the kit.

    Don't be tempted by any of the electronic remote controlled lamps like the Go-light or the Rotolite, as the animal you are trying to shoot will have evolved into a higher life form by the time you've got the damned thing pointing in the right direction...

    The lamp does draw a lot of power though and tends to melt cigar lighter sockets in vehicles - I wire mine direct to the truck's winch battery via a decent fuse and heavy duty wire from Maplins. I also replace the fiddly little bullet connectors wiring the lamp to the handle with a sleeved plug and socket robbed from my son's band stage kit.


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    I have used the lightforce roof mounted good set up, only thing is most leak! not due to fitting just the design of them,(unless they have changed it) but it wouldn't stop me using them, they do one with a long handle now that makes life easier, if you do allot of lamping and shooting out of the drivers window on your own, think about mounting it in the front right hand corner, instead of the middle you can then adjust the beam with your left hand whilst staying on the rifle off the wing mirror.


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    been using the light force for years and have 5 shooting buddies that have the same lamp set up. i use mine with a replacement glass sun roof made from a sheet of alloy, i remove the glass sun roof and place the alloy one in and then swap it back in the morning,

    i would love to be able to find spares for my sun roof as i could then fit them both with the fittimngs that at this time i have to keep swping for one to the other, not having problems with the T bar handle leaking more like the replacement sun roof leaking as the alloy bends and does not seal correctly like the thicker glass one does,

    defo: the light force for me too.

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    Thanks. I can imagine that the remote controlled lamps are very slow in use. The lightforce was the only that I could find myself. Sometimes you see lamps in metal housing. Would this be stronger? I knwo that lightforce has a very good reputation.

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    had a light force on my disco for 4ish years then got a hella on my hilux ,out of the two i prefer the beam of the light force ,but the look and watertightness of the hella, it is plenty good enough for my needs and looks as if its meant to be there ,if that makes sense

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    i have been lamping (spotlighting) in australia and they all used powabeam lamps. they were good and looked very durable. next time im over one is coming back with me.

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    Whatever you fit just make sure you check the roof for crossmembers before attacking with the hole drill. A mate done this on his landy and ended up with a


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    Got a remote on my truck, lightforce do a 150mm handle or a 220mm the longer one is less tiring to use but a pain in the ass when not lamping as its to long and always banging your head etc on it, also mine never leaks even with all this rain, cracking but of kit, but can't beat a lamp man.

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