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    Well, I'd love a £140 electric all singing all dancing mincer for my birthday, but my wife says that's not going to happen. I'll need to earn the right to buy one of those with some high quality burgers and sausages.

    But I do still want one.

    What are the £23-£30 hand powered metal ones like? Any thoughts?

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    I bought an electric mincer & sausage stuffer from LIDL last year and it has been superb - £30. They do the same sales each year so keep your eyes open.

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    I had a hand held metal one and although it was cheap and okay for a small amount of meat, i found it took a bloody age to do a lot and always seemed to be cleaning the blade which seemed to get sinew stuck to it.

    I bought a moulinex mincer which I think is tremendous, I recently did 7kg in one sitting and had no problems. It has a coarse and fine mincing bit and a sausage attachment.

    It costs a bit more, I think I got it for just under sixty quid from tesco but I would recommend it.

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    Don’t get a hand crank one or you and your arm will regret it forever more!
    It really depends on how much you are doing as to which will suit best. I started with a small kitchen Moulinex 350W one which I thought was great until I upgraded. I was pushing about 40lb through it some nights and it coped However, it was very slow and got quite hot which no doubt transferred some warmth to the meat which is not good. I then turned semi-commercial and got a Buffallo which does up to 230kg/hour! Obviously the difference was vast and no doubt much larger than you require.
    There are loads on ebay and some quite good deals. Go for one with a bigger power motor than loads of gadgets i.e. 500Watts or more, preferably 1000W. The sausage stuffing gadgets are useless! Better off getting a dedicated stuffer. Bushwear had some good deals on stuffers and mincers a while ago. Remember, ‘Buy cheap-buy twice’!

    Tell the wife this is more of a present for the home and will save on the shopping bill. You are therefore forfeiting a 'real' present for the benefit of the family! How would she feel if you suggested she had a Dyson or new washing up bowl for her birthday!!!!

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    i use a hand mincer (about £20) and its fine for what i do but to be fair i dont do much and it does take a long time to put a whole roe through but it does do the job. i think you just have to look purley at how much meat you will really put through it

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