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Thread: whats better a Blaser r8 or Mauser MO3

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    whats better a Blaser r8 or Mauser MO3

    hi i was just wandering what peoples views are on these as a comparison thanks also has any one shot the 338 blaser magnum yet.

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    I love my R8 , It`s LIGHT, It`s ACCURATE and It`s well made.


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    Blaser R8 THE DOGS DANGLIES regards pete .

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    I think they are both made in the same factory now? Given that I'd guess it comes down to what takes your fancy and what feels and fits best for you and the only way to find out would be to try a few.

    If you are going with a 338 Blaser Magnum then you'd need to be very sure that you can get a reliable source of ammo or components that you can afford. We see a lot of posts on this forum where someone gets talked into some oddball cartridge and then appears asking where they can get ammo, or that their local RFD can't get ammo for months, or where they can get ammo they can afford to shoot. Common cartridges are good if the rifle is a tool to do a job but, of course, it it is a hobby in itself and you are willing to put effort, money and time into getting the ammo then I'm sure 338 Blaser would be fun but you'd want to buy enough components to see out the lifetime of the rifle as soon as you can get them as there are a lot of 338 cartridges out there and I don't imagine all of them will survive for much longer.
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    Having fired both, my preference is for the Mauser.

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    Down to personal preferance I would say Mauser, I'm not keen on the Blaser bolt... Mind you I went for a Sauer... All three are made in very close proximity, all quality tools. Lets face it you can't go wrong with either.

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    I tried the mauser but to be honest the safety catch done it for me it was hard work, catches your thumb when pushing off, blaser for me go for 308 and you won't go wrong,

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    Blaser R8 in .308 for me. Very very accurate and easy to clean.

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    Slight tangent to the original thread , but I have two friends using Sauers who find it awkward to maintain accuracy off sticks, I find the additional weight of the mauser M03 an advantage when taking similar shots. I have handled their rifles and found light weight and skinny fore-ends hard to get used to. Downside of the M03 is using someone else's rifle and chambering a round with the safety off because you've got used to the Mauser cocking system.Fortunately I was on my own, and copped on almost immediately. Had a German guest out who swore by the new Blaser thumbhole stock.

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