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Thread: Holkham, North Norfolk. Wild Deer Stalking 2013

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    Holkham, North Norfolk. Wild Deer Stalking 2013

    Wild Deer Stalking Prices andTerms.

    We are able to offer a limited amount of wild deer stalking on the Holkham Estate in North Norfolk, generally between September and April inclusive. All prices include VAT at the current rate and are valid until April 2013.

    Details below:

    - Outings may involve the use of high seats, footstalking or a combination of both. Outings are available in the morning orevening and will normally last between three and four hours. Visiting Stalkers will normally be accompanied by the Deer Keeper during the outing.

    - The cost per outing is 85.

    - Fallow, muntjac, roe and red deer are present on the estate.

    - An estate rifle and zeroing range facilities are available if required at no additional charge. Visiting Stalkers will generally be expected to prove their ability on the range prior to stalking.

    - There is no additional charge for shooting female deer of any species and yearling and cull male deer of any species. The decision to shoot yearling males and cull males will be made at the Deer keepers discretion.

    - Fallow and roe bucks over eighteen months of age will be charged at a flat rate of 50 in addition to the outing fee.

    - Red stags over eighteen months of age will be charged at a rate of 30 per antler point in addition to the outing fee. (e.g. A 12point stag will cost 360 plus the outing fee) Very few red stags are available.

    - Muntjac bucks over 4cm (measured on the longest antler) will be charged at 30 per centimetre. (e.g. A 10cm buck will cost 300 plus the outing fee)

    - Trophy preparation is available at a rate of 30.

    - DSC2 Portfolio Witnessing is available at a rate of 35.DSC2 stalks will only take place in the morning.

    - Larder training, using park culled animals, isavailable by prior arrangement, at a rate of 35 per session.

    - Culled animals are available to purchase at thecurrent market value.

    - All aspects of the above are subject to change due to seasons, availability and weather. Prices are correct at the time of issue but may be subject to change.

    - Bookings must be confirmed with the Deer Keeper.

    For further information or to make a booking please call 07825 972249 (Office hours) or email: game @

    Please note this is an advertisment only and discussion on the forum will not be entered into.

    Please also note that it is not possible for us to respond to Private Messages, email or telephone enquiries only please.

    Thank you for your interest.


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    You have a PM
    Kind Regards

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    Per his note in red... Glyn doesn't often see/access PMs, best to phone/email him.

    Great guy, excellent stalking, highly recommended...


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    Thanks Stig.

    I have just seen this gentlemans message and replied.

    February and March dates available.


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    Had a great day with Glyn yesterday.

    Having got up at 4.45 to make it there for first light, I spent a chilly hour or so sitting alongside Glyn as he culled seven park deer. After a welcome coffee it was time for larder training – and with so many freshly shot fallow to work on I went from complete amateur to (fairly) competent grallocher in a couple of hours.

    On top of that, I got some very thorough instruction on inspecting the gralloch & head for disease – which means that all the DSC theory now makes sense.

    The afternoon saw us stalking through woodland where I shot (and successfully gralloched!) a muntjac.

    If, like me, you're new to stalking then I can't recommend a day with Glyn highly enough. A learning experience from end to end.

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