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    Evening chaps
    Just realised I don't have much time left to complete my level 2 . Does anyone know if the completion date is to finish 3rd stalk or submission and if I have to re register is it the full fee payable
    thanks in advance
    atb Steve

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    its submission,

    you can ask for a short extension in exceptional cicumstances,

    I just squeezed in inside the 3 years due to a couple of deaths in the family and other matters.

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    Three years to submission Steve and I believe it's the full fee to re register .
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    I can definately advise ,.............. It's the full fee!
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    Hi Steve,

    Just like you I was running very close to the 3 year deadline to submit my L2. I was given a short extension of 1 week as I had 2 witnessed stalks booked 2 days after my "completion" date. In the end I didn't need it as I managed to squeeze my final witnessed stalk in before the submission date.

    I can confirm that you will have to have pay the full fee if you have not submitted your portfolio by the 3 year completion date.


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    There is obviously some discretion in the system with fees. Some years back I had completed my three witnessed stalks however, between the completion and submission of the portfolio my wife was diagnosed with cancer and all attention went in that direction. By the time I got round to sending the portfolio in without me realising I had gone beyond the 3 year point. The bottom line was, I did have to re register and get a new portfolio, I did have to do 3 witnessed stalks again but this time I only paid 50% of the fees.

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