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Thread: Driven Wild Boar Jan - March 2013 Croatia

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    Driven Wild Boar Jan - March 2013 Croatia

    Dear Members,

    I have a good friend based in Croatia who has an exceptional driven wild boar set up. He still has a good number of smaller pigs to shoot this year and therefore said would I have some people back home interested in a good deal. There is one thing for sure that most driven hunts don't offer, you are guaranteed to see plenty of wild boar.

    So here goes...

    The Details :

    The Hunting Area is 40 Minutes drive from Zagreb Airport, Croatia.

    Flights are normally around 140 return including luggage with EasyJet.

    The estate is about 20,000 acres although this driven hunt will take place in a 2,000 acre fenced area.

    Hunters will shoot from 2m high stands on all the drives, each hunter will also be accompanied by a professional guide who will help you identify boars on the hunt.

    Accommodation is in the hunting estate lodge. The lodge has 7 double rooms, many of which are en suite. The food is also extremely good and you will be surrounded by many fantastic hunting trophies on the walls.

    Whats Included :

    2 x Driven Hunting Days
    3 or 4 Drives per Day
    3 Nights Full Board Accommodation
    5 - 10 Hunters
    Airport Transfer
    Pro Hunting Guide
    Croatian Hunting Permit

    Price ~ You can choose from either of these packages...

    Inclusive of 5 Wild Boars up to 60KG per hunter ~ 1,400 per Hunter

    Inclusive of 10 Wild Boars up to 60KG per hunter ~ 2,200 per Hunter

    Extras :

    Trophy Fee's & Extra Animals

    Air Flights to Zagreb

    Personal Expenses

    Alcoholic Beverages

    Anyone interested please contact me initially, payment etc will be direct to my friend I am simply here to do him a favour and share the wonderful experiences I have had with him, with fellow hunters.

    Merry Christmas


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    Hi Alex. What charges are there if a boar over 60kg is shot.? Its one of those conditions that i would be very cautious about, as i fail to see how anyone can estimate the weight of a running boar before shooting at it.

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    Totally understandable. This is why every hunter will have an English speaking professional guide with them who will tell you which animals to shoot. Ie he will tell you No.3 if there is a group or if single animal yes or no. When they are in groups its pretty easy to see the small boars from the larger ones. The 60kg Pigs tend to be yearling boars and therefore the jump in size when they get to the next year old is noticeable. I was very much under the same impression as you, however now having seen plenty of boar on this estate it is pretty easy to see.

    Also I have hunted boar in some areas where you stand where the cover is pretty thick. However most of the woodlands where the driven hunting takes place is in mature open beech and oak woodlands so you get a good look at the animals before shooting. Most of their clients only shoot trophy boars they have the guides for this who identify the trophy boars and tell them which to shoot and it works very well for them so I would guess it would not be as much as an issue as we think.

    As for the charges it depends. Males up to 14cm and Females over 60KG are €400 euros. Males above this go up from there. I can email you a full price list should you wish. I would say though that guys who just want to shoot boar under 60KG and are selective will be fine, the other advantage is that there will be plenty of boar and therefore you will not be under pressure to shoot every boar you see, just like an early day on the pheasants. The whole set up is extremely professional and they manage clients with all wishes and have done for many years and therefore you will be in good hands, this is why I believe this is such a good offer.

    The one thing I can say is that my friend is an extremely fair and a very genuine guy if you shoot a boar that you are advised to and it weighs 70 Kg you are not going to be charged for it. However if you are told not to shoot and you shoot a 150 kg Keiler with tusks you can see with bare eyes then its a little different. Also there will not be that many big boar present as it is the end of the season so it will mostly be females and small boar.


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    Thanks for your informative post Alex. Its cleared my concern. Gaz

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