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Thread: Boar shooting

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    Boar shooting

    Hi Guys

    Has anyone on here had any dealings with these people, I know nothing about them so this is not a moan just an enquiery

    I found them whilst looking at Gunsonpegs for a Phezzie day

    Thinking about a pig ??????

    Merry Xmas


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    He was a member on here twice but no longer, best advice is avoid and pm solway stalker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danpd View Post
    He is a proper idiot, and a con merchant. Stay well clear.
    Ha ha i was trying to be nice xmas and all but your answer is better

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    Thanks for the heads up on that one, won`t be bothering with them

    Solway stalker pm`d

    Just for interest this is what they emailed me ( copied and pasted )

    When available

    we can arrange pick up/ drop off from any station local.

    90 session out ( from dawn or to dusk) 4/5 hrs session
    120 the shot
    take all home 1.50/lb grollocked

    animals 60-160kg you choose.

    Thank you

    " When only the best will do "

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    Will be in touch Bob
    Off to watch United play today
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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