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Thread: 30 cal cases

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    30 cal cases

    anybody got any used 300 win mag cartridges any amount considered.

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    Hi Tommy merry xmas , Try the northern sportsman ltd he has a web site Iian 07717510134 tell him I told you very good guy and good prices.

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    Think I have 100 unfired nickel ones somewhere. They look very smart. I doubt I'll ever use them.


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    nice to hear from you paul mate will give him a ring and let you know how i get on.atb

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    hi chris if you can sort them out i will have them.atb

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    I shall have to go and poke about in the loft. Will let you know asap.


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    ok mate i am away from early thursday untill jan 3rd hope thats ok with you

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    Had a rummage. This is what I found. Amongst other stuff I have been looking for, for years. Been shooting so long and amassed so much stuff, there was gear up there going back to pistol shooting.
    Some have been fired, others not. Bit of a mixed bag, can't even remember why they were up there it's been that long. There's 58 here, but sure there are more somewhere. I'd have bought 100 for sure. I'll keep looking around.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	300 Win Mag brass.JPG 
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    Found the same amount of 22.250 in nickel too.

    I need a garage sale!


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    thats great i will have all the 300wm i will pm you on arrival home in january if that is acceptable.

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    I'm going North early Jan, nothing's going to happen with these cases in the meantime. So no rush. They're not taking up any room here. Gives me a chance to find the rest. Hmm, now where are they......


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