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Thread: Nearly chocked in my mince pie

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    Nearly chocked in my mince pie

    Snoozing in front of telly looking at forums on the iPad. Looking at the Nitro express

    i trust that they will be on the shoot in a couple of days time!!
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    Need to go to some of they shoot days.
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    thank you jesus

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    Just picked my jaw up off the floor. Wife not so impressed!

    I'm clearly missing out, need to get on a driven day.



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    And it's all in aid of an Air Ambulance Gamebirds Calendar

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    The one in the furry hat in the first photo could have cleaned her wellies.

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    mate, who wouldn't clean their wellies for them...

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    You were looking at her wellies!!!! really whats wrong with you.

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    Thats cleared up the hang over!!
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    What they were wearing wellies? Guess that's an excuse for another look

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