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Thread: Country covers falkland trousers

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    Country covers falkland trousers

    thinking of ordering a pair of the country covers falkland trousers . Anyone using these ??
    Atb Steve

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    Iíve used the Falkland trousers quite a lot and here are a few of my findings.

    They are hardwearing and waterproof. No doubt about that.

    I reproofed my original pair after 12 months as a maintenance routine, second pair 8 months old and holding up well. Been in some real poor weather and they have stood up very well.

    Decent sized pockets, I would have preferred a zipped pocket somewhere for keys etc but they are deep so not bad when crawling about.

    The fastening system is very secure albeit quite different than normal trousers but I like it.

    Had to return the first pair after a few months as the velcro side closing strips caused the webbing straps on the waste to rip out some stitching and the webbing threads were all pulled out. Repaired no probs. (I also had to send my field smock for repair, again faulty stitching on the cuff tabs but repaired no probs)

    The lining tends to get a bit sweaty if your going hard, i use neoprene Macgaiters in the winter and these do tend to draw the sweat and make the lower legs damp but Iím sure that would happen with any neoprene close fitting item.

    I use the Arktis unlined/ripstop offerings for summer as i find the Falklands are too hot during the 3 days of summer we get in Scotland..

    Not as breathable as I would like but itís a compromise, Iíve not found anything thatís truly completely breathable and waterproof at the same time to be honest.

    The can be a bit ďrustlyĒ when moving in quiet woodland until broken in, after a few washes they were fine.

    I bought a second pair at Scone palace after Iíd looked at loads of alternative offerings from many different manufacturers but find the falklands suit me well enough, both times I got show deal prices, not sure if I'd pay full rrp on them though?

    Quite generous sizing to may be best to try before you buy if poss.


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    As Rigboot says these are a very warm trouser and ideal for static work like in the high seat.If you're stalking the lighter ripstop ones with a thin pair of long johns underneath are a better alternative for winter and are ideal for summers when its wet (that'll be all of them ).Both offerings are quality and I've yet to see better
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    Good quality gear which is good value. I really rate mine!


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