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Thread: Good news,and,some very Bad news!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good news,and,some very Bad news!!!!!!!!!!

    I will start with the good news,cos,I love new toys.I have a bit the bullet this week and spent some of the money that I have recouped from selling a few things,I have taken ownership of a lovely shiney(well matt,but,you now what I mean)Zeiss 6-24x56mm IR scope,and,I am over the moon with the quality,and,for the price it bloody well should be good!!!!
    But,as I said there was some bad news,and,it was bad I can tell you...........I woke up this morning,and,as all men do I did all of the male scratching that we do around the back wheels,and,I thought,oh dear a spot,and,it was right next to the sack in the hinge between bollock and leg,but,hey this spot is more like a tag.So,in the drawer for the shaving mirror,turned it to the magnification side,and,there it was..............a fecking tick!!!!! Straight downstairs,got the 'Otom' tick remover,but,because it was still so small(I can hear all of you bas***ds laughing as I type this)I couldn't get the bloody thing,so,I thought I would have to shave a bit of excess pubes off to get a better look..............BAD IDEA!!! I got the David Beckam razor out and carefully went around the area,but,as we all now David Beckam can't tackle,and,I whipped the bloody tick right off leaving the head parts still in there,not good!! And,why is it I can still hear you lot laughing????
    I will obviously keep an eye on it now in case it goes a bit dodgy,but,so far TCP has stopped it itching,and,I will of course keep you all posted................Martin.
    Oh and here is a few pics(of the scope you sick bas***ds)...............
    Forgot to mention my new stock as well,it's a Bell & Carlson.

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    I read the bit about shaving the head off and could,nt read anymore,Tone,,,,

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    Excellent post and good looking rifle.

    Glad they were the only photos you had.

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    Great looking scope mate, hope it brings you luck.
    I don`t know who to feel more sorry for, you for getting the tick or the tick for where he ended up!!
    I must admit though mate the thought of you playing the contortionist does cunjure up some amusing thoughts.
    Keep a close watch on it mate, any doubts whats so ever get down to the docs. It might be worth an appointment just to be on the safe side.
    I sincerely hope it turns out ok.

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    Sorry about the tick
    but had to laff
    sick Bas***d that i am
    nice looking scope and am impressed with the knives

    which head did you lop off
    (think my hands would shake in that area )
    so its a good job i did'nt shave you

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    Jesus Martin it never rains but it pours with you

    Nice scope & stock though shame about the tick, should have let him suck some blood & he would have been big enough to whip off with the old remover.

    Like the sling, any idea of the make & where from?


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    You could always let "ER INDOORS" mess around with the head !

    When she,s finished ,she can get the tick out ?

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    Those little b****s can always find a nice cosy place
    I was out stalking last Saturday, when came back took all my clothes off, took a shower and still found a tiny tick on my leg on Tuesday...

    Great scope mate!

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    very nie scope 8)

    sorry about the bad news

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