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Thread: Evolutionary Changes

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    Evolutionary Changes

    Hi Stalkers,
    Have you seen Telegraph page 6 photo of the Roe Deer in Richmond Park. All I can see is bloody Fallow. You can see how Big BO gets away with his crap on TV.

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    This is a similar thread to the one I posted about BASC magazine putting a picture of a Roe Doe in an article and calling it a Red hind. Its amazing how stupid the media is. If they can't get this right then there is no chance that important news will be accurate!

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    There was a pic in Sporting Rifle - I think it was back in January this year - of a fallow that I'd have sworn was a sika. Now if they can't get it right .......

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    Shooting Times 13th December, page 59 'Five facts about: Horse Chestnuts'.
    Fact six the picture in the article is of a chestnut (edible) not a Horse Chestnut (poisonous). Duh!

    I'm glad it wasn't an article on edible mushrooms!

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    I used to watch countryfile religiously but can`t stand the bloody programme now. A bit too namby pamby and politically correct for my liking.

    Anyway they have on there a video diary which people send in and one day someone had done some filming of deer in a woodland. This guy was sat in a hide and said words to the effect, "Oh, and there is a roe deer", when in fact it was a fallow doe.

    It never ceases to amaze and annoy me the lack of knowledge of "SO CALLED" professional people on the Tele.

    Didn`t that big fat oaf Bill Oddie once say that roe deer were protected when they were filming them in that Glasgow cemetery.

    P.S. Kate humbles nice though.


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    Try explaining some of this stuff to school teachers. Telling some teachers about deer management and big game management in Africa and they go pale at the word hunting and switch off.

    Over the last 34 years, I have heard it all in both my jobs. But I still smile at some of the kids we have had from London, that believe MILK is made in a factory. Unfortunatly the greater populace listen and believe everything they hear and see on the idiot box (as a friend of mine once called the TV). Bill Oddity knows as much about wildlife and the british countryside as I know about Rocket Engineering.

    Mind you its suprising how much support the lady on Autumn watch ( cant remember her name, lovely piece ot totty, has from the members of this forum!!!!!!!!!) Wadashot must be in rut me thinks.

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    And as for Mr B well he has already made it clear he will pull anything

    Sorry Darinder




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    I`m always in rut malc.

    You can`t help but fancy her though can you?


    I have an 8 year old daughter and ever since she has been going to school i have made sure that when for e.g she has been shooting with me or when i have come back with deer she has wrote about it in her books at school. I know the teachers don`t like it when she mentions that she went stalking with me, but i want her to feel proud about learning countryside things and not be part of the PC brigade.
    She can now teach them a thing or two.




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    Quote Originally Posted by wadashot
    P.S. Kate humbles nice though.
    Oh yes ....

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    pc brigade

    I live in the country, my son used to go to a village school of 40 kids. One day at dinner time he was playing hunting in the playground. One of the dinner ladies then over heard him talking about shooting whilst he was having his dinner. She made him stand on his chair in front of the rest of the school and told him "guns are evil, shouldn't be allowed and shooting is sick" most of the kids in the school come from farming backgrounds, most of thier dads shoot and quite a lot of thier mums. Does that make them all evil? I wrote a letter to the head and the chair of governors about it and got an appology which means it won't happen again. (i am the the chair of governors now so it definatey won't!) When we hear about this at schools etc we should kick up about it.


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