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Thread: A damp patch on my T8

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    A damp patch on my T8

    Have any of you chaps seen this on your T8s?

    The can has been totally degreased and allowed to dry for a day or two. It would appear as though the weld points are possibly acting as 'sweat pores', releasing excess oil once the surface layer has been cleaned off.

    These same points also seem to extrude a fluid when a neoprene cover is used. After only a few shots a small area of fluid can be seen which smells strongly of ammonia.

    I would be grateful if anybody can throw some light on what might be going on here.

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    Well there's four welds, & as it is obviously not these I would give Jackson rifles a clear idea of my concerns.

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    That doesn't like good mate. It can only be coming from inside which means the metal most be very thin and effectively holed. I assume you spray WD 40 or similar in it as you should do. My first one blew out like this. I suggest you send the pics to Jackson Rifles and see what he suggests. If it is out of warranty he will let you have a new one for 60% of cost. Next time mine goes I might try one of his ASE's which are tiny and stainless steel. I kept firing mine for a while with a 3mm hole in it with no adverse affect so I wouldn't worry too much just yet.

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    Pics gone off to JR this evening so will possibly hear from them tomorrow. I did wonder whether these were signs of perforation but a simple pressure test (blocking one end and blowing into the other ) didn't reveal any nasties for me to see.

    I have had excellent service from JR in the past so am not unduly worried - so long as I have a working kit for my long awaited roebuck outing next week!

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    Del they have a habit of corroding form the inside out how old is it ?
    buy the new stainless steal anodised black type about 30.00 more than the T8 but no corrosion problems ,better still do with out one go back to the man bit

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    Just had a look at my latest newer T8 after a degrease and dry off. It too has similar 'damp points but not so pronounced as yours. However, it has 8 of them! Similar to your pics, but this time two rows of 4 weld points. I will be interested as to Peter's verdict on these too!
    Good luck. MS.

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    I've only had mine a week and have noticed similar patches (not as pronounced ) as yours on mine. I assumed it was the oil I had wiped over the surface drying off. Not so sure now.

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    My T8 showed these marks after 1 outing and in due course they went rusty and nothing helped. I am sure its from the inside out

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    well gentlemen ive had t8 for 4 years now in 30 cal for my 6.5 and i have to honestly have to say ive not had a speck of trouble with it !

    and to say ive abused it would be an understatement ! i never remove the neopreane cover , never treat it with wd40 all i do is give the rifle a rub over with a rag with gun oil on it and give the barrel a good seeing too around the threaded area and thats it !

    maybe thats the secret , use them and abuse them ?



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    t8 mod

    Oh dear just took camo cover off and have very faint damp type patchs as mention above any more,info on the original thread,Tone,,

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