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Thread: I'd forgotten I joined

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    I'd forgotten I joined

    I guess four years from joining to first post is a tad extreme.
    I'm Up North in Cumbria but don't presently do much shooting in the UK - I get to the US two or three times a year & mostly shoot 3 gun & practical pistol when the opportunity arises.
    Hunting wise, it's usually elk in Colorado in November, or whitetails on a mate's ranch in Oklahoma.

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    Used to love shooting practical pistol and much regret its passing. Be good to do it again one day.

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    Living up to your name 'oddbod' new members usually can't wait to get posting !
    enjoy the site now you have made your debut

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    Welcome to the site, now take ytour time no rush

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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