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Thread: Country side Alliance nowhere to be heard on BBC Radio York

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    Country side Alliance nowhere to be heard on BBC Radio York

    My Local bbc radio station made a big effort to whip up (no pun) interest on boxing day about hunting.
    The countryside alliance did not field an expert
    The moorland assosiation had an expert put forward the hunting point of view, of all the hunts in yorkshire there would be only four or five hunting on moorland.
    Not sure a body representing morland owners is the best voice for hunting.
    Next year it may be the salmon and trout assosiation representing hunting ???
    I feel once the british field sports became the countryside alliance, it has realigned its self, into broadband issues, the best cafe in your area and post offices.
    A few yeas back the CA would have been at the forfront of this phone in dabate.
    I have not heard much from them with the heythrop being found guilty
    Is the CA Keeping its head down and ensuring it survives, not many years ago the number of employees it had were more effective but now are they spread to thin to be effective.
    Radio york mentioned hunting for most of the day, i heard nothing from the CA
    A poor effort, i thought on huntings main day of the year.
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    I imagine that given the recent publicity they had a 'presence' at the Heythrop on Boxing day, but its a pity if they didn't participate in the radio phone-in that you mention. Perhaps they were not invited? Regarding the Heythrop, did you not receive this in the 20th December e-newsletter?
    The RSPCA's six-figure spite - Countryside Alliance

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    They have never been backward at puting their case forward. Perhaps as Jabalihunter suggests they weren't invited or if the radio station tried to contact them yesterday they were out hunting.
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    I thought it was likely to be that the Countryside Alliance, northern region is far to big, derbyshire up to scotland, its the size of a small country.
    How can one man deal with the media on boxing day from the following counties
    Cumbria, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Durham, Cheshire, Gtr Manchester, Merseyside and Cleveland
    I feel they are moving away from hunting so as not to be drawn into any hunting lawsuits
    The British Field Sports people of old would be very unhappy.
    I agree that previously the CA were very quick to make there voice heard on hunting

    Did you guys hear an adequte coverage in any of the countied listed above

    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    I watched the BBC tv news, I did enjoy the bit where the LACs spokesperson asked "why cant they hunt humans instead?" I guess it would help reduce the prison population!!

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    Speaking as a long standing member of the CA / BFSS, I would agree that in the old BFSS days they may have been more vociferous, but that was in the days before the ban came into force. Since, then as far as I can tell from my local hunt – of which I am a member of the supporters club- hunts have adapted and survived, despite maintaining the position that the law was pointless to say the least.

    However, the CA have not stopped campaigning on hunting and have got the Tory party to commit to a free vote to repeal, little more can be done, and shouting about it will not change that in my view.

    The PM knows that at the moment there is no point putting the vote to parliament, as the Tory party don’t have enough votes, and remember if its is lost…

    a. There is no saying when it will come back to another vote for repeal, not for a decade at least I suggest
    b. It opens up the threat for hunting opponents in parliament to push for more restrictions on hunting

    Having said that I too questioned the BFSS spreading itself so thin in the form of the CA and taking on other projects away from fieldsports, maybe they would have been better helping to fund other organisations to do this rather than taking the money from the campaign for hunting, shooting and fishing to pay for lobbying on broadband, post offices, fly tipping and so on…

    But having said that I am still a member and will remain a member.

    They cannot be everywhere, maybe they were not invited, maybe they were somewhere else, maybe they were refused air time…who knows


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