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Thread: Cheap Drinks Chiller Surrey/Berks

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    Cheap Drinks Chiller Surrey/Berks

    I've got a drinks chiller (vimto branded) which I am getting rid of - thought I would stick it on here before it goes on eBay. Needs to be collected from GU20. It's in good nick, has an internal hanging rail (takes munties and roe but not yet tested on a fallow), and has 4 shelves but internal light has gone and I never bothered to replace the tube as it's not needed. However, I've had a bit of bother recently with a it - see Drinks chiller problems ). It was regassed about 6 weeks ago and lost the gas pretty quickly and since re-gassed about 10 days ago and checked for leaks (assured that it is not leaking!!) and has been running fine since.

    Anyway, I would have probably stuck with it and seen how it lasted but I called in to see an old stalking buddy on Christmas Eve and he's getting on a bit and has just put most of his rifles and kit up for sale and has a double coke chiller surplus to requirements, so that is heading my way and I need the space

    It has just cost me 90 in service / re-gas but I'm being totally honest about the history and therefore only want 50. I can't give any guarantees and it really is sold as seen so probably suit someone who knows a bit about fridges (or someone who wants to take a chance ;-) I'll leave it running so you can see it's ice cold when collected. Dimensions are 1850mm H x 600mm W x 650mm D.

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