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    Oakley M Frames

    Hi, i have for sale a genuine set of Oakley M frame shooting glasses. This set was purchased just before christmas from West country guns and consists of a set of Orange frames, the square vault case and 3 lenses which are a set of orange, a set of Blue Iridium and a set of Gold Iridium, both the Iridium lenses have not been worn and everything is absolutely mint and as new. I paid just over 200 for it all and will take decent offers so this is a bargain!
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    that is a bargain, each of the iridiums are fantastic for shooting in, if i was flush id snap your hand off. somes getting a very good deal.....

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    Hi Ziggy, yes the Iridium lenses are great and are also far more expensive than the standard lenses. Not only are they great for clay shooting but superb for anyone on a Pheasant shoot loading or picking up where there are a lot of falling pellets.

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    Make me a decent offer as this is a give away!
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