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Thread: French boar - new rifle

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    French boar - new rifle

    Hi all,

    I have a permission though work to shoot Boar/Deer in France; I intend to go across about twice a year for this. Currently I have a .308 (not legal apparently) and a .243 (too small).

    I like my .308 PH scout but have my eye on another .308 so was considering getting the PH rebarreled/chambered (it probably needs it anyway) and putting in a variation for another calibre. If I'm having a rebarelling done I'd like the rifle to be good for Deer, Boar and a bit of target (out to 600m). The PH is the mauser 98 long action so could probably do a number of calibers.

    I had initially wanted either a .260 rem or 6.5 x 47 (1 gun for deer, fox, boar) but is this too small?

    Do I go bigger than the .308 or go inbetween .243 and .308 and get a one gun for everything?

    Your thoughts please!

    Thanks in advance.


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    My force (warwickshire/west midlands will not issue boar on anything below .270. As this is home office guidelines. So if you go for .260 rem they would condition it for abroad and not UK. I would chamber for 7mm08 which is legal in France and will do all you need in the uk. I would then keep a .308 for everything else, so long as you have fox, muntjack etc on your ticket for this. There are plenty bullets to chose from to do all the jobs and the 7mm08 would be great on the hill or on sika.

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    Might sound a bit naive, but if you are going abroad to shoot boar on a UK FAC with a an EU whatsit pass issued here, does boar have to appear on your FAC conditions? In other words, you might have it might have deer, fox, vermin etc for the UK, but does it need the quarry specifying over the water? If you went to SA it wouldn't list zerba, baboon, springbok etc etc would it.
    Just wondering if all the UK border agency are interested in is lawful possession of the firearms themselves rather than their intended (species) use. Certainly not looking for a dodge here, it's a genuine question.


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    no conditions on the European Firearm Pass needed, when abroad a countries individual hunting licenses cover all that quarry stuff

    7mm rem mag or go bigger for boar on driven hunts, to pussy about near the minimum legal calibres for your quarry will see pigs hit less well will run on for miles and miles and then some

    seriously get a 7mm rem mag, 300 win mag or something like a 9.3 or 375 h&h, share the love
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    If you just wanted it for boar and larger deer I might have suggested 9.3x62 but as you also want to use it for fox and smaller deer also Woodmaster's suggestion of 7-08 seems like a good idea for the reasons he gives.
    Chis J is quite right in what he says about there being no conditions on a European Firearms Pass to specify use.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Sorry, I didn't mean on the EU pass, I meant on your UK FAC. Obviously if you shoot boar in the UK you need it on there, but for say, France? If you only shoot boar over the channel then you can buy what you like as long as it acceptable in the country you're going to? I have only ever had a go at boar once in Alsace, many many years ago. I took my .300 Win. But I didn't get boar put on my ticket here.


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    If shooting large or dangerous game overseas is your only reason to own a large calibre rifle, it's likely that your FLO will grant it without any problems and no requirements for any quarry conditions but will place very restrictive conditions on its use in the UK - usually no expanding ammo, only solids for zeroing.

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    0.308/7.62 and other military calibres were agreed in principle to be ok for use in France earlier in the year by their Government but yet to be 'enacted' - this may have been done by now. BASC should be able to confirm/advise.

    7.62 is a recognised (long range) target round and using the same would mean you are au-fait with the calibre/rifles 'charactertics' without the need to get used to a new set of variables.

    Otherwise my suggestion would be .300WM or the .375H&H - both would 'speak with authority' on any game in the UK or Europe. I use both from deer upwards.

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    Thanks guys,

    I'll speak to BASC if I can get away with the .308 I will. If not then it comes down to a straight choice between 7-08 and 9.3 x 62.... Which looks like a cracking cartridge 2400, 275g gedoon.

    With a .223, .243, .308 then I don't really need an I between calibre . If I can persuade the FEO to let me have one am I right in thinking the Mauser 98 action should convert relatively easily?



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    Hi Oss. Some good advice on here. I would say that as you are thinking 9.3x62 "looks like a cracking caliber" I would definitely go put a few rounds through one. I agree they will definitely knock stuff over but from seeing one used in Finland I'm not sure my medium sized body would want to do a high capacity boar hunt with one. The recoil looked fairly sever without a muzzle break. You don't want to be flinching if you had a nice red stag lined up on the hill.

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