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Thread: Walking sticks

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    Walking sticks

    Have numerous walking sticks for sale,stag horn type,ram horn type,and buffalo horn various handle shapes,I'm in ross-shire area if you would like to view.will not post.

    cheers Allan

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    Hi allan . . . . my Grandfather was a great man for his stick making, always with rams {or tips horn as there known in these parts} . . . iv never attempted to make one, but will try at some point in the future.

    It is undoubtedly an art that I have an interest in . . . . try and post some photos, It would greatly help your sales and I know there are quite a few members of the site who like me have more than a passing interest in sticks and stick making.

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    Will do,had probs posting photos before,just do it to keep out of the wife's way in the long dark nights.

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    Shame you won't post ,

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    have posted some pics on member gallery,god knows how to get on my thread,been all morning to get this far!!!!!!
    cheers allan
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    Cheers for all the interest,happy new year to all.

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    Have to pull the advert,seems someone complained about me not been a trade member!!!!!.oh we'll not to worry.look out everyone the grinch is about

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