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Thread: Zeiss victory 10x45 rangefinder binos info

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    Zeiss victory 10x45 rangefinder binos info

    Got a set of Swarovski els 10x42 and the moment and I'm thinking of getting myself the Zeiss victory 10x45 rangefinder Binos anyone out there give me a comparison between them both ie is the Zeiss glass as good as the Swarovski .Is the rangefinder part as good as the geovids as I have already tried the Swarovski and find them a bit slow to lock on to the target
    Atb mark

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    I have borrowed the new swaro 10x42 rfs and honestly thought they were crap, optics as per swaro was perfect but the rf function was rubbish and struugled to ping back distances on lots of different objects, bearing in mind my bushnell rf worked on all perfect.
    Im told by numerous sources unbiased that the zeiss are really good. Im yet to pass judgement, im awaiting a loan pair to trial in the field before i purchased, something im pleased i did with the swaros as i nearly bit the bullet and bought!

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    Have been using 8x56 Zeiss RFs for about 2 years. They are excellent in all areas. Much better than the geovid RFs I had for 3 years prior to that. I borrowed some Swarovskis to try and was not impressed at all, they don't work below about 40yds so useless for bowhunting, the optics were nothing exceptional. Needless to say I thought I would keep the Zeiss and see if something better comes along.

    my only gripe with the Zeiss are that the front lens covers are pants. I don't know how many sets I have been through.

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    I have the 10x42el rangefinders.

    I like them, no problems for me ranging objects except in the fog and I don't need to range anything under 40 yards. Optically as good as the Els i had previously.

    I found the Zeiss were a bit too bulky for me, reckon the new Geovids will be the ones to beat next year.

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    Cheers lads for the info will have to try and borrow a set and give them a go
    Atb mark

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    That was my only worry Moses is the size,bit on the large and heavy sizeAtb mark

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    Apparently a new geovid is being launched in the first 6 months of this year, so you may find some bargains appearing with the old model geovid, if that may sway you.


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