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Thread: A change in tactics

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    A change in tactics

    The new

    and old

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    Very nice scopes there mate and plenty of good wood on those rifles.
    Is that a Ruger stutzen? I shot my first deer with a .243 one, very nice handy rifle.

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    What rifle is the stutzen, at a glance it looks a bit like a Thompson & Cambell?

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    Dear Mr WS.

    Nice glass!

    However, you deserve shagging for putting such a hefty scope on a lovely little stutzen!

    Rgds Ian

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    My money's on the stutzen being a Ruger........should we start a poll?

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    Yes it a M77 ruger .243, Ian fantastic scope to have on anything even my .222
    I would buy another one but saving for a new Rolex deep sea.

    I had the first shots last night and today with the .270 after fitting the new scope first time Ive been over 550 mtr since the mod pension started , long while since I worked out the calculations old grey matter needed kick started some .

    Checked the range data out on paper at 300,400 & 550 well impressed now to bump it up a meter or two

    The ballistic chart that comes with the scope info is crap .

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    What Butler Creek sizes did you settle on for the Swaro with the BT?


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    its a 25 obj I have used on the eyepiece

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    Nice scopes!
    Can we have a photo looking through the scope, please ? 8)

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    Re: A change in tactics

    Quote Originally Posted by widows son

    and old
    That ruger is an effin' shambles, if I were you I would be embarrassed to be seen with that.
    I suppose the gunshop might give you 200 for it out of sympathy, when they do, get a 1 for 1 variation, & I will find you a nice 7mm which you can actually get cheek weld on.
    I take it the basics of position before shot don't apply to this rifle - left leg,right leg,left hand, CHEEK WELD...

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