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Thread: Galvanised dog run pannels

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    Galvanised dog run pannels

    Hi Guys,
    I was wondering if anyone new of anyone making Galvanised Panels/Runs etc. I'm looking to build a new kennel for the hound, from the ground up. Its going to be a bespoke design, but preferably based around pre-manufactured panels. I may have to get one or two frames etc made and galvanised, hence wanting to deal directly with the manufacturer rather than a supplier.
    Any info greatly received. Forgot to mention, I'm in the Durham area so local would be handy.
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    Have you tried mereside?
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Failing mereside I got mine from tolvi up near Nantwich... Spot on...
    Kind regards, Jez
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    i in the same bost here so any info would be good or if youre thinking about selling any give us a shout i have 7 dogs to kennel
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    Avi Fabs I've used this guy . I can't recommend him enough. Great price , service and communication

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    Hi if it is of any help, Try Peter Barns, Cropton Creations he will make the kennel to whatever speck you want. North Yorks ain't to far away.01751 417 521. He made mine and I was very pleased with his service.

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    Try these people , they do standard and made to measure panels

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