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Thread: recommendations on 308 + mod

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    recommendations on 308 + mod

    Hi chaps back asking for your advice again i've just bin given the autherisation from my excellent local authorites for a 308 & moderator. I will be useing it mainly on the hill for stags & a little for target practice. I'm not so sure yet if i will have a wood stock or the other, but could any of you recommend a make model etc. I have seen the deals that one or two gun shops are offering. I hopefully will be putting a S&B 8x56 scope on it depending on the cost etc. All help is grately thank full .
    If you require any futher info please ask .

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    For my money, I would buy Moonraker68's 7mm tikka & stick an ase mod on it, sorry not to have been more helpful!

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    Steyr Pro Hunter MK11 machined to take Jet Z Compact mod

    123 grain Sako Gamehead Soft Points

    Nice kit for the money


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    Steyr Scout with a T8 Mod

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    7 mm tikka ase mod

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    Sako Forester, Lakelander or Varberger or Tikka 695.
    Made before accountants were allowed near guns.

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    Cheers chaps will look into all your recommendations

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    For what it is worth, in general terms...

    I am realitvely new to shooting and wanted a nice blued wood rifle with highland reds being one of my main reasons for wanting the rifle. Everyone I spoke to said to get myself something plastic and rust proof and forget the fancy good looks thing. In the end I followed their advice and bought a plastic Blaser R93 and I'm really glad I did. It breaks down into a small case for transport to Scotland, I doesn't matter if I get it wet and it can even survive a soaking and then lying in the case for a day or two without cleaning should circumstances dictate. The various parts break down and scope goes on and off with no change in zero and it shoots all 150 grain 308 ammo to the same POI as near as makes no difference. I shoot left handed so that was also a factor in going with the Blaser. However, after my experience, I would suggest something plastic and rust proof.

    I know your circumstances may be different weeman but I consider following that advice one of the best decisions I took. I love the Blaser but there are lots of other, similar, options available and the price of Blasers has gone through the roof. I also put a S&B 8X56 on top and think it works well, though it is a bit heavier and a Swaro 8X56 that I looked through recently has, in my opinion, better glass. I picked mine up 2nd hand for not a lot of cash so 2nd hand glass is one area where you can make a good saving.

    Again for what it is worth I put an ASE S5 mod on it and am very pleased with it after maybe 2+ years of use. It is effective, easy to put on and take off, can be unscrewed in the field and dropped into a pocket, seems robust and rust proof and doesn't make much noise when it hits something. That just about ticks all the boxes.

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    lots of advice there, and the end of the day it will be your own preferential choice..
    One of my syndicate members asked me the same advice only one month ago.
    I gave him what I thought was well informed advice and advice from the guntrade about a certain make of rifle that he had a preference for.
    My advice was: "stay well clear"! needless to say..........You might as well try and knock fence posts in with it, ABSOLUTELY USELESS would get a better group out of my remmy 1100 with 3/4 choke.

    Before you make a choice go onto guntrader and type in your desired rifle, if you can't find one then theres a reason and it will be the opposite reason if theres hundreds of them for sale.

    Silencer/moderator.. thats easy "jetZ"


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    Cheers all & griff, even more of a dilemma now. What wood you say next change to ANOTHER CALIBRE ? If so what wood you say I SUPPOSE THAT THIS IS ANOTHER TOPPIC FOR ALL. Some did say the same as you Griff about 308 but two stalkers i have breifly mentioned it to said there the ones to get. By now my head is in the sand once again please fellow stalkers what is your advice.

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