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Thread: Ammo Recomendation for 22/250

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    Ammo Recomendation for 22/250

    Evening, I have just bought a Remington 700 VSSF 22/250 and was wondering if anyone has any recomendations for factory ammo that may work well with a 1/14 twist, the barrel is 26" long. Or is it just a case of buying a few boxes of different ammo and seeing what works best? I will be using it for fox and roe. Any advice appreciated.
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    Buy a few boxes with different weights and brands. I tried 50grn and 55grn sako and remington settled on the 55grn my rifle just didnt like the 50grn.
    But every rifle is different.
    Good luck.
    Have fun.

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    My .22-250 has a 1in14 twist and throws bullets over 50gr all over the place.
    It works well with Norma 50gr plastic-points and Sako 50gr softpoints.

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