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    Sporting Rifle

    thought I would enter the compertion for the weeks hunting in S.A. in Junes Sporting Rifle mag, e-mail came back as not found, and suggestions to rectify etc. Was interested in Namibian hunt, tried to e-mail, same result, tried the one on perfect plains game calibre, same result, also on article on charging boar, same guy as S.A. article differant e-mail address, same mobile though, also came back no address, tried border barrels no problem, not first time I've tried e-mailing addresses in this magazine to authers websites posted after an article with no success. Could be me, but every long establshed advertiser was reached o.k. Think I'll stay with my contact in S.A. for next year, I go direct to the P.H. and save around 500 commision on the agents fee. Will keep trying and post if its my fault. deerwarden.

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    Hello deerwarden,

    Yes it does seem a little strange?

    You should perhaps contact the magazine as they have a duty to monitor advertising and competitions!


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    Worked for me

    I got a reply from the chap without issue.

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    sporting rifle

    Contacted Blaze publishing Friday and they were aware there were issues and have hopefully[their words] corrected them. deerwarden.

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