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Thread: Not stalking related, dog breed ID please?

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    Not stalking related, dog breed ID please?

    Guys can you give me an ID on the breed please?
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    it looks like a mastive to me
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    Looks like a Neopolitan Bull Masstif to me?
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    From that one picture I would guess that it is possibly a mixed breed, perhaps an old boxer x mastiff. Lots of white on the feet is quite an unusual trait in mastiffs whereas in hounds and boxers it's very common. Body shape and apparent head size look mastiffy though. Looks like the kind of dog that might be banned in the uk. Are there any other pictures showing all or part of the dog?

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    No one could state with any degree of certainty what that dog is if indeed it is a dog with such a poor quality photograph. It looks like a still from a low definition CCTV system. Come on what's the story, there has to be a story to this one.
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    Well yep it's a doggy.... that's about all one can say from such an awful picture.

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    Thanks guys. There are other pictures, but they are just as bad as this one.

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    A Chavtif

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    Chavtif? is that what happens when a Chav acquires a mastiff? the dog ends up with those white shoes that chavs wear!
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