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Thread: 6.5 x 55 for boar?

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    6.5 x 55 for boar?

    a friend of mine from canada is viviting the uk next year and wants a crack at some boar would he be able to use his 6.5 x 55 for boar here?

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    Won't that depend on the conditions put on his visitors permit? If the police stick rigidly to the H.O. guidance they probably won't allow this on his certificate. Are you sponsoring his application, and if so what have you asked for?
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    it wouldnt be me sponsoring him, initially it was just for deer but now he fancies boar, he has other calibres just fancied bringing one rifle and thats his favorite but he could always bring 2 guns i suppose ..

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    Most men in the US use decent bullets like Nosler Partition, Barnes X , Swift A-frame , ..... A well placed 140 grain Partition or A frame or a 130 grain TSX will kill any normal sized boar. It wouldn't be my calibre of choice for driven shooting, but an unalarmed boar will easely be killed. At least that is my opinion.

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    What you say is very true Hales Smut but what will matter is the conditions written on to the visitors permit by the issuing Chief Constable. The visitor must abide by those conditions or they may be breaking the law. If the Chief Constable sticks rigidly to Home Office guidance then a minimum of .270 calibre is recommended. It is not however unknown for some police forces to allow the use of a 6.5 mm rifle for boar. The application for the certificate should specifically mention boar.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    A guy I know regulary shoots boar in Germany with a 6.6 x 55 shooting 140's.
    The Germans call him The Englander wit the pea shooter.

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    As 8x57 says its a matter of regulation not ballistics. I've seen a lot of moose and elk taken with a 6.5x55 with no problem. If it was me( I wish) I'd just avoid any hassle and bring something that meets local requirements.

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    Indeed the 6.5x55 is still extremely popular in Sweden and some other Scandinavian countries for moose hunting. They use a long heavy bullet I believe of around 160 grns.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Like this one, not so long as the 140's but round nose and stouter.
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    My gunsmith buddy goes to Arkansas piggie hunting each januray/february . He takes an assortment of guns and most of them are WAY over the top for what one truely needs .

    However a fellow with a 243 WIN or 308 WIN would be fine . Shooting a 95 grain Nosler Partition in the 243 will kill them provided you take a decent heart or long shot . So with that being said I'd see no issue using the 6.5x55 with the Nosler 125 Partition .

    But as others have said alot of it has to deal with REGULATIONS and it sounds as if there are an overabundance of BS regulations in the UK for LEGALLY acceptable weapons .

    Now back to Arkansas my buddy has taken piggies with evertyhing from a AR15 in 223 to a CZ550 in 505 Gibbs . I would say the majortiy however were killed with 243 , 308 and 06 . Last year when I went I carried a 260 REM , 7mm REM MAG , 44 MAG , 444 and a 10 gauge .

    Personally think if I were coming to the UK for piggies and bringing my own peashooter and we were shooting driven piggies I'd bring my Kerner drilling thats 16-16 and 7x57R . Loaded with a slug in one 16 barrel and #1 buck in the other with a handloaded Hornady 154 SP bullet in the 7x57R barrel .
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