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Thread: How often do you see this?

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    How often do you see this?

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    Just wondered how regularly people come across deer with shotgun shot in them .
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    shot a doe once right on last light. By the time I was gralloching her it was pretty dark. when I removed the liver to keep I felt a few small hard lumps on the surface of it. Whenin the light I could see there were 4 or 5 pellets about number 6 shot, imbedded in the liver. She was none the worse for wear to be honest but all I could think was that if the arsehole who did it was close enough for the pellets to penetrate so deeply as to reach and stop in the liver, then they were close enough to have aimed at the head and made a clean job of it.

    Conclusion: mindless idiots...

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    Exactly, unfortunately there are shoots in our locality who openly tell guns to try and shoot any deer they see on shoot days .

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    My dad, having been given a leg for chrimbo by a ranger in Scotland last year, found a FMJ .22 round in it!

    Roe Doe shot near Eyemouth, tissue had healed around the bullet so the beast had lived a long time after being shot in the leg.

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    Me and pirate hunter off here once shot a Munty each within seconds of each other about half a mile apart. We met up back at the van to gralloch them in the headlights. Both muntys were riddled with shotgun pellets all in the ar5e or up the back where they'd been shot at running away and mine also had a cut right across its chest which was a graze from a bullet.


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    from my records shot three fallow last year with shot gun pellets in their backends and one roebuck with an airgun pellet, the assholes that do this must be better at stalking than me as i seem to struggle to get close enough with my rifle.Deer stalker Mark shot a fallow buck that someone had shot through both backleg joints and from the angle of the bullet holes(deer legal i think) it must have been broadside!

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    In the Thetford area it is a sadly all to frequent occurrence.

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    Had several fallow and munties from the Hereford area i stalk with shotgun pellets in. There is a commercial pheasant shot on a leased basis on the same ground, so my suspicions, although not proven lies with them.

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    I shot an average white-tail a few yrs back that had a perfectly mushroomed 30 cal bullet ( there was enough shank to measure with a micrometer) just under the skin in its neck. It must have passed through another deer or obstical first as it was fully expanded but didn't have the energy to penetrate more than about an inch. The wound was completely healed, as a matter of fact I only noticed it when skinning the animal out. I was skinning away when I felt my knife hit somethig hard.

    I knew a Fish and Wildlife officer (long gone now, RIP) who had to shoot a problem Black Bear back in the 70's. During the post mortem exam, they found the bear had been shot in the head,chest and neck with a shotgun and survived. He never did find out who'd shot it, they wouldn't have been procecuted,he was just curious as to what happened. We both wondered if the bear may have got him, I guess we'll never know

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    Had a buck this year with a 177 air rifle pellet just under the skin on its front leg!!! What were they thinking!

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