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Thread: Assistant Stalker Mar Lodge

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    Assistant Stalker Mar Lodge

    As the title says, Mar Lodge are recruiting an assistant stalker, get the details from
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    I just looked at this job as a matter of interest, I knew stalkers were not very well paid but how can anyone survive on that salary! Especially if he has a family of which his partner would need to find a job! I guess there would be a few perks, I.e house, car for free but still seems terrible for the work and hours they put in!

    Good start for a single uni graduate I suppose.

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    I looked at it and noted that it required FAC, DSCII, First Aid, deer pony experience, etc., etc.,....and they are offering 15K? Someone is having a laugh with that! Especially as extra hours work is recompensed with time off in lieu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discopete View Post
    I guess there would be a few perks, I.e house, car for free
    Guess again, there's no house or car
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    Dog allowance, but no clothing, equipment or ammunition allowance?!

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    There is a house.

    no free car use. Rifles, ammo etc all supplied

    NTS are a famously poor employer!

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    Its says accomodation may be available which seems a bit non commital.If it was a decent house,then in real terms its a 20k plus package.However, for the level of skills asked,its aimed at someone other than a trainee.An experienced stalker would want better surely.

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    "accommodation may be available" usually means that if it is, you will be charged for it. If it was available free of charge it would be included as part of the T&C. Otherwise they would include a reference to rent allowance or similar.

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    At 7.40 per hour it is well above the minimum wage of 6.19, though short of the "Living Wage" minimum of 7.45 for public sector workers set by the Scottish Government. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating, if they get plenty of suitable applicants then they are offering the going rate or better. If they do not ....

    On a separate matter, as a tax payer in the private sector I do not understand why public sector employees who have better job security and more paid holidays should also have a minimum pay which is 20% higher than their private sector counterparts.

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