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Thread: Steyr Mannlicher Stainless options?

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    Steyr Mannlicher Stainless options?

    Afternoon All,

    I'm currently using a .243 stainless pro-hunter which I'm very happy with. I now have a .30-06 on order for large deer and have been told it is now available in two different "stainless type" coatings? The newer type being 100 cheaper.

    I'm more than happy with the coating on my current .243 which is now three years old and looks new. I assume it's just the old fashioned stainless?

    Sportsmans website isn't very clear and it isn't mentioned on their own website.

    Can any one help me with any more info? Do the words "MANNOTM" or "MANNOX" mean anything to anyone?!

    EDIT: Looking on american sites I may have been given duff info. MANNOTM may be just their version of blueing and MANNOX is their version of


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