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    hi can you get a 50mm sun shade that will fit a z6 ?

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    I don`t think Swarovski do them.
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    I was lucky enough to get one from America, but the Swarovski flip up cover won't fit the sunshade as it's not threaded for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by remmy243 View Post
    hi can you get a 50mm sun shade that will fit a z6 ?
    Contact Swarovski UK and they will for a small fee, send you one. That's how I got mine. Regards JCS

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    got one on my z6i so yep

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    Triggersqueezer Did you get it from Swarovski UK ?

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    Thanks jcs will give them a buzz next year !
    Thanks remmy

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    just phoned swarovski uk and was told that they do not make one for the z6 ???

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    As I said I was lucky enough to source one from America, I googled it and looked up all the shops over there until one had a sunshade listed in stock, had it sent to the daughter who's in Ohio and she took it home at Christmas.
    I think you'll struggle to find one in the UK.

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