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Thread: Pick up truck liner

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    Pick up truck liner

    If I were to get a pick up, where would I be best off looking to get the back lined? Thanks in advance, Danny

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    hi i,ve had 2 pick ups,one had a hard plastic liner and the other had a sprayon rubber liner ,without a doubt the rubber liner was by far the best.
    the scudd

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    my ranger was done in alluminium checker plate by n and j linings in clitheroe lancashire!top class job

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    That's what I was wondering about, Thank you.

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    Danny :What type of lining are you looking to put in ,the back of it spray rubber or a plastic fitted lift in and out type ??

    There are a few companies do the plastic type don't know about the rubber spray on type .

    What area are you living in ?

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    S/W Scotland - spray on type please, when I have all the figures of what I am looking at, I will know if I can afford to get rid of the school run type 4X4!

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    Is that what your mother has to take you to school a 4x4 sad

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    Speedliner very good sprayed on


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    I have a Nissan L200 hard black plastic load liner sat in my garage. It came out of a w plate Nissan Nivara L200 (one of the first ones. I've been told that they fit the Mitzy's etc. Depending where you are could meet up - pay my fuel (location dependant! and its yours?

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    Thank you very much for the offer Tommo, still sizing up the idea of a pick up at the moment,so have no make or model in particular in mind yet.

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