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Thread: Worth keeping empty cartridges?

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    Worth keeping empty cartridges?

    Just wondering if I am wasting my time collecting and storing my once fired .243win cartridges. I have 80 Norma,50 Remi,70 PPU + 50 Federal. I have no plans to ever reload them myself and I don't know anyone who would reload them for me so is it worth hanging on to them or should I take them to the scrap merchant next time I go? do they have any value?

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    Forget the scrap merchant most won't take them, it might be worth advertising them on s.d.

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    Also, will their condition deteriorate if I store them for a long time until I have hundreds?

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    Depends how you store them , as long as they are dry and not exposed to extremes of temp they should be fine.

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    I have over 200 .308 cartridges and face the same dilemma...

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    Modern brass, that has been fired with today's modern primers not old "mercuric" primers, will keep for ages if stored in the same sort of environment you'd store the loaded ammunition. In fact as long as it is kept dry, as UNICORN says, it'll keep for ten or twenty years.

    If it were me I'd bag it, weigh it, calculate the postage, offer it on the classifieds here and await replies.

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    Well in that case (no pun intended) I will await the time when I am permitted to put adverts in the classifieds and then do as you suggest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psyxologos View Post
    I have over 200 .308 cartridges and face the same dilemma...
    if you don't want them, you could just send them to me (I will pay for postage)

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    I'm a bit of a dumpster diver, the first thing I do when I go to the range is scrounge around for brass that others have left.Last fall someone threw out 3 boxes of new ( once fired ) norma 9.3x57 brass, they even put them back in the box before throwing them in the bin, made my day!!! I never throw away good brass, if I can't use it, I always know someone who can...... PS I'm cheap lol

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