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    Hi All, My name is Fab. I moved to south Scotland 18 years ago from small village near to Rome where I hunted Boar. With help of local people I started to stalk Roe deer and leased a piece of forest. I used to go to Argyll to stalk Red Deer but the cost got very high and deer were scarce. I now go at least twice a year to David Brown's in Inverness. On my first visit I shot my first Sika Stag a huge 9 pointer which I got set up and now is in my Dad's cantina back in Rome. I passed my level 2 this spring and hope to get to the Highlands more often. I use a .243 but if my plans come good I will get a .2506. I have met a few guys from SD when up north so looking forward to communicating experiences on this site. Thank you for running this excellent site. Fab2

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    Hi Fab2

    Welcome to the site

    I will be travelling up past your neck of the woods shortly for some stalking offered by other members of the site.



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    Welcome to the site

    Hi Fabri, Well done on getting your level 2. I hope you will be up here soon for a red stag. About time you got the .2506.You have been promising for the last few years to upsize your calibre. We have a lot of deer in the wood just now and the Sika especially are doing well. Best wishes David Brown

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