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Thread: What's the best days shooting you ever had

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    What's the best days shooting you ever had

    Can you tell us the best day you've ever had. Must not have paid more than 100. Can be on your own ground or invitation.
    I have taken many out stalking and they shot their first deer. Some say it is still their best day. Yesterday i took a mate out he brought his son with him who shot his first pheasant. He held it up proud as punch for a photo.Then made sure he had it to take home to show mum and have it to eat priceless.

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    Today's Xmas shoot 3 people shot thier first pheasant perhaps not my best days shooting but at least I help orchestrate a great day for them .for me I think my first roe deer shot at the euston estate Suffolk will stay with me for a long time mainly as the rush I experienced that day had me totally craving my next fix ! Each fix still has me craving the next .......sad eh .

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    Too many to list as I can't compare one to another. Every time your out could be your best?

    A couple........

    Was on an invitation day on the pheasants, i was standing with my back to a river and dropped 2 hens on the other side. Sent my 2 spaniels (father and son), they both swam over together, found a hen each and then swam back side by side. Can't get much better than that. They are lying by my side snoring as I type but there working days are over and are enjoying retirement.

    Shooting my first fallow with Stone and a bloody memorable drag.

    A few great weekends stalking with Willie_Gunn. We have had a roe buck charge down a hill to us from about 300m. We were in a middle of a field. A waiting game with a buck that lasted 20-30 mins, not to long you say BUT when he his trying to make you out from 10m away. It was a long time, then curiosity got the better of him and he was taken at less than 5m. Being 'done' by the same buck 2 years on a trott.

    A cracking Munty with Wayne Davies, he went a point under gold. Not bad for a first buck.

    First bosr with Sus scrofa.

    Winning the side by side comp at the CLA 2 years on the trott. One prize was a driven day at Glenham Hall shoot in Suffolk.

    As I said it's hard to find 'the best day out'

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    A Friday in early December, back in 1999. There had been a nice frost and a good fall of woodcock, and I had a great young GSP dog. My friend and I phoned in sickies and went rough shooting.

    We rose twenty odd woodcock, and shot eleven between us. A couple of pheasants and a hare made the bag up. We went to a flight pond in the evening and shot a dozen mallard.

    I have since shot on pheasant days when we put hundreds of birds in the bag, but that day's rough shooting might never be bettered.
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    Two come to mind... one was my first Scottish Roe, another was my first new forest fallow - both times the main thing I enjoyed was being out with guys who knew their stuff and taught me a lot.

    Both stalks were this year! Thanks to both of you for making it a very memorable year

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    Grouse. And second best day was grouse too. First walking up, second a full driven day. And yes they both cost well under 100 for the TWO DAYS COMBINED!

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    1. Shooting feral pigeons in a yard making oil rigs. The place was a huge maze built up of old rigs and accomodation modules, huge sheads (70m tall) and old houses in which they were nesting. It involved climbing up and down ladders, shooting across roof tops working in tunnels, shooting from perches up on ISO containers and cranes. The place was seriously infested and at times it was like it was raining pigeons hugely bizzare and memorable.... + got paid for it.

    2. Any time stalking Roe in woodland. All memorable.

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    Hmmmm ,

    1. The day in late November of 2005 when I popped the 6 point Sika thats in my avatar . That was on the Blackwater NWR .

    2. The day in mid October of 1999 when I popped my first 6 point Sika on ground we leased from the state of Maryland with my muzzleloader .

    3. The day I popped my best 8 point Whitetail on my property behind my home by maybe 200 meters . Shot him with a 45-70 and a 350 grain home cast bullet .

    4. The day we were damage control hunting and I did in 4 whitetails in a day in the peach orchard . My largest deer talley in one day anywhere .

    The GRANDEST day however was a day i didn't kill anything or even have a gun . It was November of 1971 and I was 10 years old . Was with my now deceased maternal grnadfather and he spied a big bodied heavy racked 6 point (20" spread) whitetail and he popped him in the temple at approx 100 yards thru the big woods . needless to say the deer was DRT . I still have the Remington 722 222 he shot him with as well as some of his old handloads and I might add I still have the rack on a walnut plaque .

    Best days "shooting" I ever had wasn't a day or actually at living things but rather a skeet shoot in Chase City Virginia back in 1990 . Over saturday and sunday I shot a 98 with the 410 saturday morning , a 99 with the 20 saturday evening , a 98 with the 28 sunday morning and a 100 straight with the 12 gauge sunday evening in a downpour to tie another friend for high over all with 395 out of 400 and to later beat him in the shootoff for the HOA with 410's . After that he beat me in the 12 gauge shootoff . But I must say I was quite pleased under the circumstances .

    The year after was at the Virginia state skeet championship in Fredricksburg VA . Went out thursday and shot 100 straight in the 12 gauge PreLim and won the event . Friday I went out and shot a 98 in the 410 and that afternoon shot another 100 in the 28 gauge only to be beat in the shootfoff by my two man team partner and another fellow so i ended up AAA 1st . Saturday was another 98 with the 20 and I forget what in doubles folowed with another 98 in the 12 sunday for a 394 . Over my years 394 seemed to be my normal score as the 395 told earlier was my only and highest ever . How I wanted a 400x400 and a 100 straight in the 410 but those were never to be .
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    My best day with the shotgun was a few years ago on the crows etc,early start,met my mate at 4.20am,we got there set up in the dark and it all started about 5.40am at first light,the birds were relentlous,they came thick and fast,was many a time we had 5 dead in the air and we were scrabbling to get the next cartridges in the gun,was nonstop action til about 12 oclock then slowed up about 1pm,only reason we stopped we ran out of ammo ,took ages picking them up,we gathered up well over 400 infront of us around the decoys,dozens and dozens ended up in the stingers and brook beside and behind us,some flew out of the field and fall out of the sky,was a few walkers,we reckoned we had shot in excess of 500 and shot 675 cartridges,well my legs the next day from getting up and down in the Hyde hurt real bad,I had a job to get up n down the stairs the next morning,it was an amazing day one I don't think we will ever match.
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    The day, when in a moment of clarity, i decided that being in a pheasant syndicate wasn't for me.....

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