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Thread: Close Call - brown trousers...

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    Close Call - brown trousers...

    Just picked up my new .223 and decided to treat myself to a new mod while I was at it - the reasoning being its got a 25" barrel and is way off balance with the weight of the P8 on the end. Went to zero it and the first shot took me by suprise - a LOT louder than the P8.... second shot made me jump as something fizzed past my head! Riccochet maybe? surely not as the target is against a back of soft earth. Third shot was louder still and I realised where the problem was as gasses poured out the bush of the mod.

    Removed the mod and a petal of metal the width of the barrel fluting had peeled off the reflex tube and obviously flown out the gap between the rear buch and the fluting. Makes you shudder.

    Gunsmith was very good about it, replacing it with a different model free of charge.

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    What mod was it?

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    A-TEC Maxim, must have been a Friday Afternoon one. It required some reaming to fit but all well within the tolerance on the warranty / instructions. Gunsmith was great about it, a first for both of us I think. Replaced it with a none replex type.. adds a bit more length but i'm past asthetics and just want somethig that works. Besides it weighs less than a third of the P8 so balance sorted.

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    When you say it needed reaming, presumably you mean from just the bushing and not from the tube (i.e. making it thinner!)?

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    I would assume so mate - I didn't have much to do with the fitting. It looked brand new item it was

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    Bloody hell Matt,Tim told me about it last night you were lucky mate


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    Are you going to make a claim for the damage to your underpants?

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    Go get a lottery ticket if I were you !
    Glad yr ok

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    I have an A tec Mod. If this is a fault with the MOD they should be recalled. But i have conserns about the fitting and reaming job. I would like to see a report from A-TEC about this faulty moderator. Thankfully you were not harmed. I have also had a gun /round go wrong my post with my .17 heads it's not funny. And its a variation on your. FAC woodfordfallow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yokel Matt View Post
    I would assume so mate - I didn't have much to do with the fitting. It looked brand new item it was
    It's just that if the pressure burst a piece out exactly in line with the fluting it kind of suggests that the tube was very close to the barrel before hand, unless the tube was blown inwards against the barrel at one side?

    Either way, I guess the important thing is that you are ok, could have been nasty!

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