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Thread: My best buck of the year

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    My best buck of the year

    Thought I'd attach a picture of my best buck this year , shot on the 6th of June I've just mounted it . It was also my first deer shot without my mentor , it was a very good outing , I also bagged a murder buck . At the time I wonderd if I'd done the right thing , this buck was Very old . And in poor body condition .
    As luck would have it , I saw a beautiful young 6 point buck 4 times after shooting this chap , which was reassuring .
    What do you think guys ? This is my best this year out of 24 roe bucks , 4 of which were 6 pointers.

    i really like this one although it wouldn't be my highest scoring I think it has a real charm about it .

    forgot to add , it was shot with my .308 tikka 595 at 150 yards .

    Double click the photo for true size
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    nice buck what weight was in the skull before cutting it? as looks like medal class

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    Nice head fella, not that i've had a medal but it certainly looks like one..

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    Old head going back by the looks, but nice thick bases, might be a medal (Bronze) although its always difficult to tell from a photo. Well done Andy, catch up soon I hope.


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    Thanks all , didn't mean to cause any confusion by saying it wouldn't be my highest scoring , I don't score my heads at all , but I've had one this year that if I were to get it measured would knock the socks off this one . I'm not selling any heads and I'd rather put the cic fees towards new gear or trips etc .

    Thanks malc hope to catch up soon , save me another day on fallow next season ?

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    Nice head. Doesn't matter how big it is to me. It's the memory of your first buck without mentor. Nice job.

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