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    Gym equipment

    Hi all,
    I have a high quality cross trainer (Cross trainer now sold) and rowing machine that are no longer used. I bought them when I was recovering from a motorbike crash a few years ago and since re joining a Gym i don't use them any more. After the new year they are going on Ebay but I thought i'd try them here first. I want 150 each for them or 250 for the pair. This is very cheap as they are both 'light commercial' quality. These are not your typical Argos specials and cost me a lot of money when I bought them. Due to the size of them Buyer would need to collect or arrange collection. If you want more details or Photo's please PM me and i'll sort it out for you.
    The rower is a Horizon fitness 'Oxford air rower' the model with the display on the beam (later model had a heads up display) the cross trainer is a Healthrider 990s. When training I would regularly hit over 16 stone so both of these bits of kit were built to take a real man
    Pics now added, I apologise for the quality. I should have asked santa for a new camera
    Regards, Ezzy

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    Ezzy, a few pics if you could manage em, thanks. pm'd
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    What brand / model is the rowing machine please?


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