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Thread: Where have all the dear gone ?

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    Question Where have all the dear gone ?

    On a recent visit to some of my stalking in Glenluce , there seemed to be a severe lack of deer on the ground ! . The land runs adjacent to a large mature forest with several small pockets of woodland amongst . Ground conditions as we all know are terrible nation wide . Top of the wellies stalking !!!! On a four day trip I saw one roe doe a very nice for too with alot of fat stored around the kidneys . First deer taken for the new 6.5/47 lapua !!!.

    Any way back to the point usually in late December the land is wick with deer both roe and red !!! As the many hundred cattle are in there winter housing the deer have all the much needed lush grass to them selves but nothing ?.

    I have 3 trail cameras set up in variousness hot spots but in the previouse 2 weeks only a doe and a young spiker and a fox which usually there would be a dozen or so foxes double numbers of roe and many a group of red . Any body else found this ????

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    We stalk up near Glenluce too and have actually seen quite a large number of Roe this Winter. We were slightly worried that new neighbours had really hit them hard as we weren't seeing the number that we did previously. But then a couple of weeks ago, boing....they they all were. Very very wet as you say, but they were about all day.

    We only take what we can eat. But not everyone sees them in the same way. It's true that we don't see deer in all the places that we USED to see deer, but there has been a lot of new double fencing go up over the last few years and it has definitely changed the natural paths across the estate.


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    Hi there Chris
    where abouts you stalk ?

    This year has been fairly quiet on my grounds a lot of roe about in the so called summer !! But the last few trips very quiet nothing on the cameras and very little sign of the reds . Last year at the same time is was teeming with hinds .

    Even a reccy on the quad with a lamp on last evening as a counting exercise produced nothing ???

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    We're over the 75 out toward Auchenmalg. On private land since the FC so unceremouniously dumped us after 10 years faultless servitude.

    We're not local so not on the ground all the time which means that the deer aren't under pressure from us.


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