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Thread: conflicting .243 load data

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    conflicting .243 load data

    Im looking to load 85 gn sierra hpbt with h4895.
    Load data for max load datafrom various sources as follows:
    Sierra 35.4 gn
    hodgon 34.7 gn
    Lee 38.0 gn
    so which is right?

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    Why does it matter ?
    They are maximum loads that you will work up to, as the real maximum load is different for different guns.
    Oh and Lee data must not be from the new edition 2, as it only lists H4895 for the Barnes X solids.


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    Oops. I looked at the 80 grain data so I'm editing this post. The Hodgdon data is the one to use.~Muir
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    I suggest you take a conservative approach. H4895 is a Hodgdon powder, secondly, the Hodgdon max load is the lowest. So I would start with the Hodgdon recommended min load and work up. Regards JCS

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    Hi mate, can you please let me know how you got on, as I currently use these bullet heads in Federal factory ammo and will be starting to reload soon.



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    I use the bullet data from Sierra for my 70gr BT as too it conflicted with the Viht data and the sweet spot for me was well under the starting load from Viht

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