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Thread: leica versus zeiss

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    leica versus zeiss

    guys went to the sportsman this morning to compare
    rangefinding binoculars and im struggling to split the
    10 x 42 leica against the 8 x 45 zeiss
    been told the zeiss has the edge but not so sure
    i think the leica is slightly better but really theres nothing in it
    any feedback advice welcome before i part with my money
    regards pete .

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    i have the leica this few years i cont fault them.

    i also know a good few lads with them and there all happy,

    i would go for the 8x42 if i was you

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    I have had the Leica 8x42 BRF for the last couple of years and cannot fault them, the glass is crystal clear and the RF spot on.

    My mate has the Zeiss but although very good I found them to bulky to handle but thats just my opinion.

    The upside with the Zeiss is yards/metre option, and if you use european and american scopes you can press the button and jod done.

    My Leica's are yards as I use all Leupold scopes with the Boone and Crocket rets.

    Hope this helps



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    irish and max thanks for the replys and advice i did find the zeiss
    a little bulky .
    out of interest why the 8 x42 instead of 10 x 42
    regards pete .

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    I changed My glasses last year to Swarovski from Leica ,that was mistake on my behalf , I had the Leica 8x50 and bought the Swarovski 10x42 ELs cracking glasses the leica ,just have the edge at night and in the morning due to the 10x42 magnification the 8x50 are better.

    So its the leica for me .

    I own a set of zeiss dialyt 10x40 excellent but old .

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    I had Swaro 8x56 for about 10 years changed to leica 8x42 for last 15 years and have not looked through anything that would change my mind.

    8 power because the slightly perceptible hand shake with 10x makes your eyes tired, also greatly reduced bulk.

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    I have the zeiss in 10x45 and love them.

    Had a look at the lecias before i bought the zeiss, i just prefer the zeiss's feel in the hand when using them and the image is cristal clear!

    Both are excellent im sure but i would go with the zeiss every time.

    I went for 10x for using on the hill as well as lowland/woodland roe stalking, but if you are only doing the latter, the 8x would suit better (less shake)

    All the best.

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    Lieca glass is the best there is no one can compete so if its clarity you want then they are the best if its down to the full package eg shape weight colour then you take your choice.

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    if your spending hours glassing the 10x may tire your eyes and shake is a problem if your not rested.
    8x is a better all round power.

    from my experience

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    well i have the leica 10x50 ultravids , and their worth every penny i paid for them , i find 10 power works for me .
    but its your choice . i think still have them at 900 quid !

    cheers lee

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