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Thread: 12v cable to baiting area light?

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    12v cable to baiting area light?

    I am considering using a 12volt leisure battery to power a small lamp (reversing) to light up a baiting area about 100 yards away from my hide. what is the cheapest spec cable that I can use for this and will there be a noticable drop in power over the distance.
    The light will only be on for 2 or 3 hours at a time and the battery will be recharged as and when required
    Any advice on the practicalities and any improvement to the basic idea will be welcome.
    cheers in advance

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    A reversing light is generally 21w, so almost any cable will do, see what they have in halfords etc and buy the cheapest that will be robust enough to withstand rolling out and recovery, this will almost certainly cause the demise of any cable rather than the current passing through it!
    A small LED torch will give the same results for a fraction of the trouble and cost!
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    A 12V bulb will work at any voltage-just get dimmer as voltage drops unlike LEDs which need a minimum voltage to work. Any 2 core cable will be fine-try B&Q for a cheap 2 core 0.5mm mains cable. I'd guess a 100m reel would come in around the 10 mark but I'll probably stand corrected as we buy at trade prices in work.

    Hope this helps!


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    You are forgetting about voltage drop, and at that distance it will be huge!

    An online calculator says you'd need 16mm cable. If you are intending to roll it up then you need flex not cable

    Voltage Drop Calculator

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    Not actually answering your question, but have you considered something like the following:

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    Would a couple of solar powered garden lights do the job?


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    There's been a thread on this recently, but the solar powered PIR LED lights do the job well - and without all the cables etc.
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    I have to agree with the PIR idea, something like this as it's under 20, you can leave it out all the time so whatever you're shooting gets used to the light going on and off when they're generally moving around or if you're pre baiting for a while before and you can sit in your hide and just wait for the light to go on indicating something is there. It's not something I've tried yet but will look into for fox control around some feeders I've got out.

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    Trying not to rain on yr parade guys but lighting a bait area! The only light by bait area gets is when I switch my lamp on it then 9 times out Of 10 there comes a bang .i use led lights around my phezy pens to deter foxs can't see my country foxs coming to a lit area for the BBQ the urban cousin well that's different ! I can see my bait from where I type this thread but we have no street light or light pollution as such so I think my Charlie's would be spooked by such a contraption .
    Cheers Norma

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    get a cheap rear cycle light (red)
    LED and battery combo means it will run for 100s of hours

    you can see foxes very quickly and if you need further light use a lamp when you have spotted them

    TBH of the money you would spend on batteries and cable to power your reversing light you could get a cheap digi NV monocular 2nd hand

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