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Thread: taxidermy help

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    taxidermy help

    hi guys, it is Em here I'm ash's other half since ash has now got his first doe and buck since we got together and i started going stalking with him i want to mount the two heads side by side on a shield for him . Ive helped someone to do pheasants so i know some of the basics but have never helped with or done a mammal. i can get the stuff i need from snowdonia but am not sure what i need or if there's an appropriate DVD that will show me. both heads are intact and in the freezer well bagged to prevent frost damage and was in there within 12 hours of being shot.

    does anyone know of a book or DVD that will clearly show me what to do or where i go from here, what sort of tools etc do i need, should i use a bought head 'form' or use the skull

    any help greatly appreciated

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    Hello Ash243,

    If you register on this site you will find a mile of free information available to beginners. There is so much help available to you.

    Hope this helps


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    Hi Emma
    I do hope that this information that I am giving you is useful, I do not do Taxidermy at the moment due to two bad medical conditions I have , but I will try to assist you as best I can , just for starters try this link.

    I will send you some pictures shortly! of deer heads


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    Hi Emma
    A Few Pictures of Roe Deer for you!


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    hi guys

    thanks for the help, the first doe is exactly what i had in mind but her lower neck was not cut properly so think i will have trouble mountin her like that. i havent started them yet as heve lots of leatherwork to do but when i do them ill get ash to post some pictures


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    Hi Emma
    Multi Point Heads and some books for you to read if you can get them.


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    Hi Emma
    one or two things


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    Hi again Emma
    The above Items were all done by Myself when I could work with my hands OK, I cannot seem to concentrate on the small and fiddly bits now a days I find this part very difficult now, and also when I am bent over a bench for hours on end.

    I hope that you can find copies of the books I have shown the 2 big ones are particularly good , The Taxidermist Guild of Great Britain used to Have a Conference at York University Campus at one Time every year I believe !

    The Best Taxidermy by far used to come from America and the reason I say this is their Exhibits were the most Life like, and done to perfection.
    As they used to say they were the Bee's Knee's, their fish were super life like.

    They even run online Taxidermy Training

    Their are some good lads in this Country Now a days

    Jack Fishwick, Mike Gadd,Carl Church, Phil Legget, Dereck Frampton,Colin Scott Ducan Ferguson and Emily Mayer

    There are many many more.

    Best Regards

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