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Thread: Third Eye Tactical "SPARTAN" moderator.

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    Third Eye Tactical "SPARTAN" moderator.

    Has anyone info on the Third Eye Tactical "SPARTAN" moderator i have a .308 nd need a moderator. The Spartan has all the damentions slim nd compact but what is it really like on sound reduction? info on db reduction or sound comparison with other moderators such as the jet-Z .30 cal compact would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance for any info provided

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    Loud, mine went back in under a week, got a full refund, went with pes t12, bloody brilliant.

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    pes t12 never heard of it mate??

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    Google Mae moderators, jsm arms import to uk, they are great for sound reductions and similar dimensions if a bit heavier to the spartan.

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    I have one that I use on my 6.5 and 7mm rm. I have just ordered another one for my 308 , so I am happy with the performance. I have no way of comparing with other mods but they do reduce the noise to non painful levels ( even with the big 7) significantly and are light and compact. I guess there is a trade off with everything between size, weight, price and noise attenuation. For me I don't really mind if the mod is not the quietest as I would rather have a smaller and lighter unit. You pay your money and take your choice I guess.

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    Got one on each of my rifles fromm 22-250 to 7mmWSM. Unbeatable, great service and BRITISH!.

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    hi ive got a spartan (off the end) and like it alot, had a w p8 and the spartan is much better, always get good comments when at the range, and the company is first rate when dealing with them,(i lost tool for stripping it) sent me a new one foc.. although i'd prefer not to use a mod. sb

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    Hi , i had a Sparton for a while , good build quality, lighter than my Pes but sound reduction not as good as my Pes so sold it.

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    I have one on my 243 sound bit of kit regards biker1

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    had one on my .223 , beautifully engineered but not the best noise reduction if being honest, now got an ASE, looks ugly nest to the spartan but better noise reduction

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