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Thread: is it too early to call bucks?

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    is it too early to call bucks?

    As above really.Going stalking roe bucks in scotland and have a buttolo call.Am i a bit early or will it work?thanks

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    You are too early for the mating call. You can however use the fawn call, this can call in a doe and with some luck a buck will come with her.

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    In a nutshell yes, its to early to try and call a buck best not to call bucks before you see evidence of the rut as all you will do is educate them which may make it harder to get them to respond to a call in the rut.

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    I tried this last week with a blade of grass ,she lifted her head had a good look around ,was a good tester , the guy i had out is new to stalking had never seen anything like this before .

    He had just shot the buck minutes before she never left the seen i thought i would see what her reaction would be to a call .

    Before i'm slated again this is how it was done in the old days before the invention of all the gadgets some of us used a blade of grass between our thumbs and blow ,yes it works . Try it out with nice wide blade of grass placed between the thumbs.

    Pictures if required.

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    Yes please WS I moved house recently, packed the buttolo and now can't find the fekin thing

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    Bucks are not following does yet but are getting territorial. Show yourself and he will likely come stomping over if he does not recognise you as human. I crept ou into a long grass field on Friday where a buck was grazing, stood up a bit and he came straight at me very aggressive.

    Calling might bring a doe if she is not with her fawn, but sometimes she will just run back to the area she left it.

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    Chris it is to early and calling does is not really what it is about .Like said leave the calling until you get real signs the rut is on and you will be able to get a real feel for the calling. With regards the blade of grass lets leave that on the field it is old and out of date like the Bow and Arrow.

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    I would agree with L.D.G that its a bit early to early to call yet but then again practice makes perfect.

    I totally dissagree with his comment about the blade of grass.

    Its good to know that some people can still call in the old ways and not just with all the gadgets on the market.

    Dont get me wrong, I am all for new tech and am a gadget man myself but am a great believer in the old ways that work.
    The bow and arrow was and is a great weapon in the right hands but I was not sorry to see it banned for hunting in the 60's (I think)

    Use what works for you when calling, and if you are lucky enough to find somone to teach you to call with a blade of grass how good will that be when you have left all your gadgets at home



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    Try it LDG you'll be surprise just how it works and how well it works ,It costs nothing .

    Its like taking a townie out into the countryside and tickling fish in a stream they look at you as if your mad until they see it with there own eyes .

    A wise man once said don't knock it till you've tried it .

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