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Thread: Airedale pup - Sika - playing with rabbits paw

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    Airedale pup - Basic training

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    Got a few things from Saturday's day's shoot to let her get her teeth into.

    This is the proforma of training for the next three months:

    1. Innoculations and Wormers

    2. Introduction to unfamiliar people

    3. Puppy play with duck wings, deer antlers, deer and rabbit feet (hiding items etc)

    4. Name association and Basic commands

    5. Lead training

    If any experienced deer dog handlers are reading this can you give me a little bit of direction on the important do's and don'ts......i.e. I hear play items should be deer related only (although I will be starting to use this bitch to flush game next season/season after).

    Is it ok to use blood from the butchers or does it specifically have to be deer blood?
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