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Thread: Novice needing help from experienced stalker

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    Novice needing help from experienced stalker

    Good Morning, does anyone have spare deer feet that could be sent by post and in return I could return a tenner for P&P.

    I know it is alot coming straight onto the site and asking for help but I have jumped into the deep end and sorurcing deer feet is proving to be that little bit more difficult than first expected. Does anyone know any Game dealers close to Armagh or Omagh that could sell deer items i.e. blood, feet, fur etc.

    I appreciate any help, any direction at all and if anyone can think of mistakes they made in training tracking dogs during puppy hood please let me know so I don't make the same.

    This dog is an unorthodox breed, being an Airedale, from working lineage.

    Thanks again.


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    Hi Ronan!
    If it would be helpfull: I can send you feet and blood from deer (red) from Germany... It would be frozen and I would just like to get postage money back....
    Send a Pm, and we will sort something out....

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    Hi Ronan
    Contact gentleman jim on this site he is not many miles away from you, and should be able to let you have some.
    He is also training a young GWP bitch so may be able to give you a few tips.
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